Brother Jonathan

Brother Jonathan
讗专爪讜转 讛讘专讬转 砖诇 讗诪专讬拽讛 {讻讬谞讜讬 诪讬讜砖谉}
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}谉砖讜讬诪 讬讜谞讬讻{ 讛拽讬专诪讗 诇砖 转讬专讘讛 转讜爪专讗

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  • Brother Jonathan 鈥 est une figure all茅gorique con莽ue pour personnifier les 脡tats Unis dans leur ensemble aux premiers temps de l existence de la nation am茅ricaine. Dans les dessins politiques et les affiches patriotiques, Brother Jonathan 茅tait habituellement… 鈥   Wikip茅dia en Fran莽ais

  • Brother Jonathan 鈥 Brother Broth er (br[u^][th] [ e]r), n.; pl. {Brothers} (br[u^][th] [ e]rz) or {Brethren} (br[e^][th] r[e^]n). See {Brethren}. [OE. brother, AS. br[=o][eth]or; akin to OS. brothar, D. broeder, OHG. pruodar, G. bruder, Icel. br[=o][eth]ir, Sw. &… 鈥   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • Brother Jonathan 鈥 bezeichnet: Brother Jonathan (Schiff), einen 1851 in Dienst gestellten Raddampfer Brother Jonathan (Symbolfigur), eine amerikanische Symbolfigur Diese Seite ist eine Begriffskl盲rung zur Unterscheidung mehrerer mit demselben Wort bezeic 鈥   Deutsch Wikipedia

  • Brother Jonathan 鈥 sobriquet for United States, 1816, often connected with Jonathan Trumbull (1740 1809) of Connecticut, called Brother Jonathan by George Washington, who often sought his advice, somehow in ref. to 2 Sam i:26 鈥   Etymology dictionary

  • Brother Jonathan 鈥 n. [apparently first applied to New England militia besieging Boston by Brit soldiers evacuating the city (March, 1776)] Historical the United States or its people: predecessor of Uncle Sam 鈥   English World dictionary

  • Brother Jonathan 鈥 For the paddle steamer, see Brother Jonathan (steamer). Brother Jonathan as drawn by Thomas Nast Brother Jonathan was a fictional character created to personify the entire United States, in the early days of the country s existence. In editorial… 鈥   Wikipedia

  • brother jonathan 鈥 藢br蓹th蓹(r)藞j盲n蓹th蓹n noun Usage: usually capitalized B&J Etymology: brother (I) + Jonathan (the name); probably from the frequent use of Old Testament given names among the English colonists in America chiefly Britain : a male native or resident… 鈥   Useful english dictionary

  • Brother Jonathan 鈥 Brit. Archaic. a male native or resident of the United States. * * * 鈥   Universalium

  • Brother Jonathan 鈥 British nickname for the United States and its citizens 鈥   Eponyms, nicknames, and geographical games

  • Brother Jonathan 鈥 government of the USA; typical American 鈥   English contemporary dictionary

  • Brother Jonathan (Schiff) 鈥 Brother Jonathan Die Brother Jonathan nach ihrem Umbau 1861 p1 鈥   Deutsch Wikipedia

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